Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Interested in partnership with AECL?

Anyone interested in partnership with AECL? seems like with the restructuring of AECL happening, they are eager to engage anyone interested in partnership with them... here is how to initiate the process: ... "With AECL’s new mandate, we are looking to partner with companies, academic
institutions, and other research laboratories to advance nuclear S&T for the
benefit of Canadians. All partnerships are based on an agreement between the
participants to pursue a common S&T goal using resources contributed by all
• Access to our unique facilities, equipment and expert staff
• Collaborations in pursuit of either non-proprietary or proprietary research
• Collaborations for the purpose of training and education (including
sabbaticals, secondments and student internships)"... "Applicants are encouraged to contact AECL representatives to begin discussions
around potential S&T partnerships. Information on the facilities and laboratories
at AECL, and the various types of work in which they are engaged in, is available
on the AECL web site at"
here is a list of AECL's facilities/labs:

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